I problemi succedono a tutti, storia di SeeWeb

Scrivo velocemente questo post, anche se sono “impicciato” nei miei soliti viaggi, ma non volevo lasciare cadere nel vuoto questa cosa. Non so se lo sapete, ma SeeWeb -uno dei piu’ grandi housing/hosting provider italiani- ha avuto un disservizio piuttosto “pesante” il 18 Gennaio in uno dei datacenter. La marketing manager di SeeWeb ha spiegatoContinue reading “I problemi succedono a tutti, storia di SeeWeb”

Docker Containers & Security

Background For those of you not acquainted with the latest trends in computer development, a docker container image is a lightweight, standalone, executable package of software that includes everything needed to run an application. This means a Docker contains code, runtime, system tools, system libraries, and settings. In fact, a docker is a self-contained imageContinue reading “Docker Containers & Security”

Alicloud & RedHat Linux 7.4 BYOS

Alibaba Cloud (Alicloud or Aliyun) is a promising Chinese cloud provider that is becoming popular in the Asia-Pacific region. If you want to release services in China and be able to comply with Chinese privacy law, all your data need to stay in China. For this reason, Alicloud can be handy to start your journeyContinue reading “Alicloud & RedHat Linux 7.4 BYOS”