Back on track for 2017

As you’ve already noticed, I wasn’t that active on my social media channels. As you might know 2016 was a very busy and productive business year for me. I’ve spent most of the time in London and Milan, focusing on some exciting projects. For instance, my work for eBay© was to make their application more cloud-aware so that their releases speed up. I’ve also assisted a bank in central London to integrate the cloud into their business routine. In Milan, I’ve concentrated on the kick off at Saipem/ENI© with OpenStack and multi-cloud. I am thankful for these work opportunities and I am looking forward to get involved in new ones.

Having said that, now is the right time to tell you about my resolutions for 2017:

  • Spend more time in Zurich while keeping London as a main landing point.
  • Get on board 2-3 long-term projects that will provide recurring revenues.
  • Keep working on Long-Term Support (LTS) releases concept for OpenStack.
  • Have more time for family and hobbies (such as improving my flying skills).

The key word for 2017 adventure is “simplification”. This is the reason why my next blog post will underline how cloud might be a key component of simplification in IT.

Stay tuned!

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