Bimodal IT with Cloud Management Portal and Ansible

I’ve been away from this blog for quite a few weeks … I was extremely busy in several engagements in different European countries, so I really had little time to blog. It seems that Dual-Mode IT or Bimodal IT (as Gartner defines it) is the buzzword of the year. However, I’ve been introducing OpenStack in companies for a couple of years now having a more safer approach: having VMWare side by side with OpenStack. Would Gartner now define it “Bimodal IT”. Fine! But the point is that I’m already making it since a couple of years and I think I can claim some experience out of it.

As I always said to CIO/CEO and conferences, each customer is different and has a different story and needs behind. However, there’s a story of a customer that I ended up helping using OpenStack with VMWare. Moreover, they lately need to integrate Azure as part of the plan. Microsoft is really pushing hard on Azure to most enterprises, including most of my customers as well. This week I had an hangout in London as guest from HighOps, with which I do cooperate on the virtualization and security side.

Before you start watching, I must admit I’m not that great in hangouts as I don’t have anybody in front of me and I cannot understand how am doing…. and it’s live, so no post-production and no changes 🙂 So please forgive me!

Fell free to ask questions on Twitter as @gpaterno. Enjoy!

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