giuseppe_01_scaledGiuseppe Paternò a.k.a. Gippa is an IT Architect and Security Expert with background in Open Source. He works within the most famous italian and foreign companies in the telecommunications, government and finance industries.

Since 2010 he is Managing Director of GARL, a multinational company based in Switzerland and UK, under which he created SecurePass. He also cooperates with key European companies as a trusted advisor, mainly on cloud technologies such as OpenStack, CloudStack, OpenNebula and Ganeti.

In the past he worked as an IT architect and Security expert for Canonical, RedHat, Symantec, Wind/Infostrada, Sun Microsystems and IBM and Visiting Researcher at the University of Dublin Trinity College.

His writings, mainly on computer security, has inspired best practices and are referenced by companies and universities worldwide.


He collaborated on major projects such as creation of the standard for J2ME Over-The-Air (OTA) provisioning along with Vodafone, the study of architecture and standards for the delivery of MHP applications for the digital terrestrial television (DTT) on behalf of DTT Lab (Telecom Italia/LA7) and implementation of HLR for Vodafone landline services.


For projects and engagements, please contact GARL 

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