Spectre, Meltdown e i veri pericoli del Cloud

[Scritto in collaborazione con Luca Perencin] Il caso delle vulnerabilità Spectre e Meltdown, scoperte da Google, hanno riacceso la discussione pro e contro gli ambienti cloud pubblici. È indubbio che un sistema isolato, ben aggiornato offra maggiore sicurezza di un ambiente cloud. È pur vero che le grosse aziende cloud (Amazon, Microsoft) possano offrire solitamenteContinue reading “Spectre, Meltdown e i veri pericoli del Cloud”

Is OpenStack really for you? An aftermath of a failed attempt

This post comes after a failed attempt to help a Swiss small ISP in building their cloud offering. The market of selling Internet access is shrinking down to the big players, so the owner believed that the next 5-10 years would have focused his business in reselling Virtual Private Servers (VPS) and thought that OpenStackContinue reading “Is OpenStack really for you? An aftermath of a failed attempt”

SecurePass 0.4.6, focus on OpenStack & cloud

I’m proud to annouce that SecurePass “Dreamliner” 0.4.6. This release has special focus on OpenStack and could deployments in general, as we introduced password-only authentication for service users. Our new command line tool reflect these changes. Also, we stabilized the driver for OpenStack Keystone and is easier to install and easier to comfigure. Also multipleContinue reading “SecurePass 0.4.6, focus on OpenStack & cloud”

2017 OpenStack Board Election Results

The 2017 OpenStack Board Elections were held on Friday, January 13, 2017. This year I wasn’t elected to represent the OpenStack community as a Board member. On the bright side, being the 10th in the world with no support of any IMHO company is still a great result. I needed a few more votes toContinue reading “2017 OpenStack Board Election Results”