Giuseppe Paternò for OpenStack

OpenStack has already become a leading standard for cloud architecture and continues to provide great opportunities for software manufacturers and system integrators. Partly due to its heritage and also because as a result of dynamic ongoing improvements new features are being introduced on a steady basis. At the same time the security mechanisms are beingContinue reading “Giuseppe Paternò for OpenStack”

Bimodal IT with Cloud Management Portal and Ansible

I’ve been away from this blog for quite a few weeks … I was extremely busy in several engagements in different European countries, so I really had little time to blog. It seems that Dual-Mode IT or Bimodal IT (as Gartner defines it) is the buzzword of the year. However, I’ve been introducing OpenStack inContinue reading “Bimodal IT with Cloud Management Portal and Ansible”

From 0 to Docker, the training

[ English ] My colleague have organized a training “From 0 to docker” in Italy. If you’re interested having the training in your country, please contact [ Italiano ] In occasione dell’incontro DevOps Italia, il mio collega Ettore Simone ha preparato un corso intensivo di Docker per chi vuole avvicinarsi al mondo dei ContainerContinue reading “From 0 to Docker, the training”

Interview with HP on multi-cloud and

On October 29th I was interviewed by HP on multi-cloud during the 6th episode of “Two Protons and a Cloud“. We went through how much cloud is being adopted in enterprises and what are the challenges. We explored what is multi-cloud and why enterprises are looking to multi-cloud and the advantages of embracing such architectures.Continue reading “Interview with HP on multi-cloud and”