Giuseppe Paternò for OpenStack


OpenStack has already become a leading standard for cloud architecture and continues to provide great opportunities for software manufacturers and system integrators. Partly due to its heritage and also because as a result of dynamic ongoing improvements new features are being introduced on a steady basis. At the same time the security mechanisms are being further enhanced. These constant changes are undoubtedly good for development and testing environments but prove rather challenging for IT-departments, especially in the area of Finance and Telecom. The nature of the Open Stack architecture demands professional maintenance and care as well as a measured approach to release changes and implementations of new features. In this context, I am working to implement a Long Term Support (LTS) releases concept, which secures stability for enterprise customers in order to give them the time and freedom to focus on their core business. Achieving this milestone is my main priority, because enterprise customers value stability to a great extent, in particular for their highly complex IT infrastructure.

This January you have the chance to vote again in the 2017 Board Election and choose your board members. My aim, as a candidate, is to take care of OpenStack from the Customer’s point of view, focusing on banking and telecoms. Because of my long experience with OpenStack, I am capable to appreciate the customers’ needs and support them not only through the first installation but also help them to manage new releases both strategically and on a long-term basis. Making sure that the new updates are successfully implemented and properly used is what I do best. Thus, working with customers and ensuring a secure and stable OpenStack community makes “upgrading” far more painless and provides greater value to you – the customers as well as the whole Open Stack community.

If this is applicable to you, please consider voting for me. Making OpenStack the most used platform among enterprises, service providers and outsources is something we can achieve together. Let’s do it here.

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