IT Security Consultant

Good data security shows you care for your customers.

With many years experience in systems integration, IT security consultant Giuseppe Paternò can help ensure your business’s IT systems are as secure.

The news is filled with stories about data theft. As you will know, security breaches cause reputational damage and loss of business. Now is the time to call in an IT security consultant.

With his systems integration background, Giuseppe Paternò is fully aware that security is a huge concern for businesses undergoing digital transformation. He can ensure your business follows data security best practices.

In the event a breach occurs, Giuseppe will minimise the damage. Additionally, he will ensure business continuity is maintained.

Prevention is better, and potentially less costly, than cure. With many years of experience, IT security consultant Giuseppe will reduce the chance of data theft occurring.

Key areas of security Giuseppe can assist you with:

  • Enterprise level data security
  • Cloud security
  • Integrated systems security

Independent Advice

Note that Giuseppe is not affiliated with any security solutions providers. This means he can offer unbiased, independent advice on the best solutions for your organisation. He has advised, and continues to advise, major organisations throughout Europe.

IT security is a key aspect of digital transformation. Moreover, it is an essential aspect of data storage too. Indeed, IT security needs to be taken seriously whatever IT project your business is considering. Mistakes can be extremely costly.

Avoid the Headlines – Call in an IT Security Consultant

By taking IT security seriously, you show your business cares for its customers. Do not let your business’s IT security end up in the headlines. Call in an expert now. You will save time, money, and business headaches.

Do you have concerns about data and network security? If so, get in touch with Giuseppe Paternò for a no-obligation chat.