Learning from 100 Cloud Journeys – Press Release

New Book, Learning from 100 Cloud Journeys, Offers Unique Insights into the Promise and Complexity of Cloud Computing

Author Giuseppe Paternò shares experiences from a 25-year career in IT and security

LONDON—Sept 14th , 2020—Giuseppe Paternò, a veteran IT infrastructure architecture, security expert and cloud solution guru, announced today that he is publishing a new book, Learning from 100 Cloud Journeys. The book is based on Paternò’s more than 25 years of experience in IT, and, as the title suggests, 100 different cloud migration projects. He shares multiple case histories that show how every business should have its own tailored journey to the cloud.

“No two cloud projects are exactly alike,” Paternò said. “Cloud solutions can be complex, with each project needing to meet specific business needs and work within its own unique parameters. The challenge is to discover the right path to success, which may require implementing organisational changes.” Indeed, as Paternò reveals in the book, the cloud is more than simply a new computing platform. It can be a transformative force for change in a business in more ways than one.

The book is timely, as the COVID-19 pandemic is pushing many companies to rethink their fundamental assumptions about where their people and IT assets need to be deployed. Cloud projects can range from building large private clouds to moving everything to the cloud. As Paternò found, however, moving applications to the cloud is the starting point for the cloud journey. From there, Paternò offers his own six pillars for delivering successful cloud projects. The payoffs for companies that follow the right path include increased business agility, lower or rationalised costs and better focus on the core business.

The pandemic itself actually inspired the book. Though he lives most of the time in London (UK), Paternò decided to quarantine in Milan (Italy), where his wife lives. With time on his hands and many online conferences focusing on cloud migration, Paternò felt he could add value to the conversation by writing his many, varied cloud experiences into book form.

About the Author

Giuseppe Paternò has worked on over 100 cloud projects. In this book, he sets out what he’s learned and shares three case histories that show how every business should have its own tailored journey to the cloud.

For more information or to download a free copy of the book, visit https://www.gpaterno.com/learning-100-cloud