“lectio magistralis” in London

On Thursday I had the chance to speak “lectio magistralis” in front of members of different funds in London. They were interested in my opinion on the IT market, not only short term, but also long term (e.g. in the 5 to 10 years). The reason is that these funds are willing to provide long term investments for their private customers and banks.

This conference was a wonderful experience, with a lot of intriguing questions from the funds researcher. This was my very first time speaking to a totally different audience rather to pure IT public. Having said that, I’ve realized how important this really was.

This fund community is perceiving me as someone who is really reliable, understands the IT market, and has a clear vision on short and long term perspectives. Speaking exactly in London as an influential city with a worldwide impact was even more significant.

Will this be a new path in my career? I don’t know. What I know for sure is that technology is my absolute passion and nobody can bring me away from the “keyboard”. However, I feel I’m ready to play even more important roles on the market.

I want to say thank you all, it was my pleasure to take part in this event and speak in front of this committed audience.

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