An ebook to learn OpenStack and to help Nepal population

GippaLearn OpenStack architecture and the secret of a successful cloud project

OpenStack can help your business in cutting costs and have a faster time to market. A lot of people are looking at OpenStack as an alternative to VMware and most of the vendors are trying to let you thing that virtualisation is cloud. While Cloud implies a virtualized environment, virtualization is not a cloud.

This ebook will go through the concept of Cloud and help you understand the architecture of OpenStack and its benefits. It also explores DevOps and reveal the “secret ingredient” to have a successful cloud project.

You will receive the ebook in exchange of a donation to help Helvetas in providing emergency and reconstruction aid for the victims in Nepal.

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Helping Nepal

image010Giuseppe Paternò will donate all the proceeds of this publication to relief Nepal population after the earthquake.

The donation will help the charity HELVETAS Swiss Intercooperation to begin rebuilding the destroyed water supplies and sanitation facilities, such as latrines. These interventions are crucial to preventing the outbreak of disease and thus the number of victims from rising.

As a further step, Helvetas will repair damaged trail bridges to reconnect cut-off mountain villages to transport routes. For more information visit Helvetas website

Thank you so much for your help!

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[fruitful_ibox column=”ffs-two-one” title=”Telecom Italia”]

“Giuseppe is paving the way for enteprises to embrace OpenStack. Telecom Italia is, nontheless, among these enteprises. Should you be willing to embrace the cloud, I would strongly reccomend this book. I am very pleased Giuseppe is going to offer his OpenStack expertise to raise money for the disadvanteged children in Africa.”

Gianluca Pancaccini, CIO of Telecom Italia

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“Giuseppe has done a great job of creating an important source of information on OpenStack technology while also raising money for disadvantaged children. I would encourage anyone involved in the IT industry to download this ebook and in so doing support this great initiative.”

Jeff Cotten, Managing Director, Rackspace International


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“The OpenStack Project is one of the great examples for the dynamic of open source solutions and makes cloud technology available to organizations regardless of their size and location. Being one of the major contributors for the project, we at SUSE appreciate Giuseppe Paternó clear and concise explanation of OpenStack and it’s architecture. For those looking for an introduction to OpenStack, this will be a valuable resource. We also highly appreciate Giusesppe’s charitable support to provide clean drinking water for Children in Africa.”

Ralf Flaxa, Vice President of Engineering at SUSE

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