Peer-to-Peer Review

Peer-to-Peer Archiectural Review


Experience is a key part of a successful project. A Peer-to-Peer Architectural Review is a great way to address concerns and have a second opinion on an existing or new IT architecture. Internal IT architectural teams and consulting companies can benefit from 25+ years of experience of Giuseppe in building large and complex IT architectures. A review will ensure that the project’s objectives and budget are met and your customer (either internal or external) is satisfied, while guaranteeing the best available experience on the market.

Outstanding results without the burden of having a full consultant always available on your side.

The package will address a high-level architectural review of one of the following technical areas:

  • Embrace or optimize a cloud or multi-cloud strategy
  • Embrace or optimize a Cloud Identity strategy (Identity as a Service), ex: Azure Active Directory, Azure B2C, Google directory, Auth0, Okta, ….
  • Build or redesign private clouds with OpenStack, OpenNebula or Proxmox
  • Build or redesign a Software-Defined Storage solution with Ceph
  • Review your processes and applications through DevOps, automation, containers and Kubernetes
  • Review cloud Security strategy or implementation with a Zero-Trust approach
  • Optimize Disaster Recovery or Business Continuity for cloud environments

What you will get

Discovery call. You will have a short remote free session (30 mins) to discuss your environment, your pain points and your overall objectives. As projects can be extremely complex, this call will evaluate if the Peer-to-Peer Architectural Review is suitable for your scenario.

Presentation session. A remote session (max 4hrs) will be scheduled in which the IT department or the consulting company will explain in detail the existing or new architecture. Giuseppe will evaluate the needs/requirements and gather the concerns.

Initial review. The IT team or the consulting company will share the architectural document(s). An initial review will be conducted based on the outcome of the Presentation session and the document will be reviewed and commented. The document will be sent to the audience for the next phase.

Intermediate check. A remote session (max 4hrs) will be scheduled in which Giuseppe will discuss the Initial review with the IT department or the consulting company. Giuseppe will collect and evaluate any concerns or points.

Final review. The concerns or points will be addressed in the final review of the document. The final document will be sent back to the audience.

Wrap up call. A short remote 30 mins session will be scheduled to present the final document to the audience.

The Peer-to-Peer Architectural Review is considered remote only and consists of a maximum of 5 working days. Initial call will evaluate if the package is suitable in terms of time. Should the process take longer, any extra days should be considered as consulting. T&C apply.

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