Project “simplification” for 2018

shutterstock_64028797-634x0-c-defaultSince the beginning of 2018, I started an “internal” project whose ultimate goal was to simplify my life. 2017 was definitively a stunning year, with a lot of great projects and great results as well. I believe that will be difficult to achieve the same ever again. With great results, however, comes also great sacrifices: it was all about work and there was little space for my own life. “All work and no play makes Jack a dull boy”, the proverb says, so I believe I deserve a little relief from the big pressure.

My new year resolution was to simplify my life and have a better work/life balance. This “simple” resolution turned out to be more complex and harder than I thought. Since January, I worked really hard to reduce the number of hassles as much as I can. This is the main reason why you haven’t seen me around and I wasn’t very often involved with social media, events, etc…

At the end of June, I can say I’m on the right track, but a lot has yet to come. Standby for some great announcements 🙂

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