SecurePass 0.4.6, focus on OpenStack & cloud

I’m proud to annouce that SecurePass “Dreamliner” 0.4.6. This release has special focus on OpenStack and could deployments in general, as we introduced password-only authentication for service users. Our new command line tool reflect these changes.

Also, we stabilized the driver for OpenStack Keystone and is easier to install and easier to comfigure. Also multiple SecurePass domains are supported as keystone domaijs, as we enabled domain-based comnfiguration. The Keystone driver is freely available on our GitHub page.

Last but not least, our Linux NSS module now supports posix group. Packages for RedHat/CentOS and Suse/OpenSuse are available on the repository. Ubuntu and Debian users should receive updates via backports.

In detail the new features:

  • Added user modify
  • Added password only authentication
  • Added show group information
  • Fix user modify: name and surname were to lowercase
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