Software Defined Storage Consulting

Efficient storage reduces complexity and ensures your systems work optimally. A Software Defined Storage consultant can help you store data more efficiently.

As businesses gathering data know, demand for information just keeps on growing. In the last few years, the use of Business Intelligence and Machine Learning systems has led to almost exponential increase in data gathering. So, how do you manage these ever increasing quantities of data? The solution lies in Software Defined Storage solutions.

Giuseppe Paternò can help you determine your storage requirements and design Software Defined Storage that suit your business. His solutions will help keep costs under control and allow your business to adapt its storage requirements to meet future needs. Moreover, Giuseppe, also an IT security consultant, is fully aware that data security is paramount.

Giuseppe has extensive experience managing highly complex storage environments. Indeed, he specialises in designing data storage solutions that are cost-effective, secure and scalable.

If you need incident and problem management, continuous health monitoring, data gathering, monitoring, reporting services and tools, Giuseppe can help. Additionally, he will also ensure everything is governed by Service Level Agreements.

Good Data Storage Can Lower Costs

As you know, data storage is a complex issue and forms a key aspect of digital transformation. With the right data, you can understand how well your business is running, and whether sales are meeting expectations.

A very valuable asset in itself, data has many uses. And with the the right data storage consultancy, you can ensure your business gathers and stores as much data as it needs. Giuseppe designs data storage solutions are scalable, secure and future proofed.

Done well, Data storage leads to increased efficiency and lower maintenance costs.

Get Independent Advice on Software Defined Storage

If your business is reviewing how it stores data and needs data storage consultancy, then Giuseppe Paternò can help.

He offers independent advice and will identify the best solutions for your business. Giuseppe will never force you into using services that are not right for you.

Contact Contact Giuseppe to discuss how he can help your business identify efficient, cost-effective scalable secure data storage solutions.