Interview with HP on multi-cloud and

On October 29th I was interviewed by HP on multi-cloud during the 6th episode of “Two Protons and a Cloud“. We went through how much cloud is being adopted in enterprises and what are the challenges. We explored what is multi-cloud and why enterprises are looking to multi-cloud and the advantages of embracing such architectures.Continue reading “Interview with HP on multi-cloud and”

Extended attributes best practices

After the release of the NSS plugin for SecurePass and my article on Alessio Treglia’s blog, I received a lot of queries on what are the attributes that are considered as “reserved”. Well, there are not reserved attributes written on a stone in SecurePass Beta, but the following attributes names have been used in theContinue reading “Extended attributes best practices”

Security beyond firewalls, 1st OpenStack day Italy

The first edition of OpenStack day Italy was an amazing experience, with a perfect agenda that fits both for beginners and advanced users and greatly hosted by my friends at Enter. No doubt that OpenStack has become one of the most famous open source projects after Linux, but what I did not expect was toContinue reading “Security beyond firewalls, 1st OpenStack day Italy”

SPID, quanto sarà sicuro?

5 aspetti di sicurezza considerati nello schema di sviluppo del sistema pubblico dell’identità digitale italiana. Il Sistema Pubblico di Identità Digitale italiano (SPID) è alle porte. Introdotto dalla legge 98/2013, il Decreto attuativo che sancirà l’introduzione e darà via al progetto pilota è previsto in Gazzetta Ufficiale per giugno 2014. La bozza del Decreto definisceContinue reading “SPID, quanto sarà sicuro?”

The 2013 and New Year’s resolutions

It’s time to sit down and think about the past year. This 2013 was definitively one of the busiest of my career, I’ve never traveled so much, mostly across Telcos, ISPs and biggest companies of Germany, UK and Switzerland. But it was as well one of the worse year in security, especially when it comesContinue reading “The 2013 and New Year’s resolutions”