Alicloud & RedHat Linux 7.4 BYOS

Alibaba Cloud (Alicloud or Aliyun) is a promising Chinese cloud provider that is becoming popular in the Asia-Pacific region. If you want to release services in China and be able to comply with Chinese privacy law, all your data need to stay in China. For this reason, Alicloud can be handy to start your journeyContinue reading “Alicloud & RedHat Linux 7.4 BYOS”

Mentioned on Forrester report on OpenStack

On May 18 2015 Forrester Research Inc, the well-known independent technology and market research company, has published a paper “OpenStack is ready, are you?“. I’m happy that I’ve been mentioned as a source for their OpenStack security research. It’s a small step, but it’s the top recognition of OpenStack knowledge, along the HP Most ValuableContinue reading “Mentioned on Forrester report on OpenStack”

HP Most Valuable Professional Award

I am very honored to receive today the HP Helion Most Valuable Professional Award for: your considerable community contributions to OpenStack and your strong presence in the community. This exclusive award is presented to a select group of individuals, like yourself, who show strong technical skills combined with community leadership. Suzanna K. Litwin, HP HelionContinue reading “HP Most Valuable Professional Award”

L’Open Source dopo Heartbleed – Riflessioni “a cuore aperto”

Note for English audience: this post is Italian only, I do apologise with my English readers. Just for your information, is all about the decline of Open Source in current era and how Heartbleed reflect it. Mi riallaccio alla discussione seguita alla scoperta di Heartbleed, il bug di OpenSSL che sta dimostrando come l’era OpenContinue reading “L’Open Source dopo Heartbleed – Riflessioni “a cuore aperto””