Mia moglie vuole lo scontrino: una analisi dell’adozione cloud in Europa

I miei personali obiettivi del 2018 sono la semplificazione e la riduzione del “disagio” quotidiano. Una  e’ il proliferare di scontrini che si moltiplicano come i gremlins: la “collezione” di scontrini ormai a casa rasentava un livello inaccettabile. Qualche giorno fa ho installato a mia moglie l’applicazione di un famoso supermercato, visto che offe laContinue reading “Mia moglie vuole lo scontrino: una analisi dell’adozione cloud in Europa”

Interview with HP on multi-cloud and login.farm

On October 29th I was interviewed by HP on multi-cloud during the 6th episode of “Two Protons and a Cloud“. We went through how much cloud is being adopted in enterprises and what are the challenges. We explored what is multi-cloud and why enterprises are looking to multi-cloud and the advantages of embracing such architectures.Continue reading “Interview with HP on multi-cloud and login.farm”

Mentioned on Forrester report on OpenStack

On May 18 2015 Forrester Research Inc, the well-known independent technology and market research company, has published a paper “OpenStack is ready, are you?“. I’m happy that I’ve been mentioned as a source for their OpenStack security research. It’s a small step, but it’s the top recognition of OpenStack knowledge, along the HP Most ValuableContinue reading “Mentioned on Forrester report on OpenStack”

End of OpenStack Explained e-book campaign

London & Zurich, July 22nd 2015 – My e-book campaign is over. The OpenStack Explained ebook collected almost 5’000 CHF that will allow Helvetas to help the Nepalese population after the terrible earthquake of last April 2015. I must admit that the initial goal of 20’000 CHF was pretty ambitious: it was based on myContinue reading “End of OpenStack Explained e-book campaign”

HP Most Valuable Professional Award

I am very honored to receive today the HP Helion Most Valuable Professional Award for: your considerable community contributions to OpenStack and your strong presence in the community. This exclusive award is presented to a select group of individuals, like yourself, who show strong technical skills combined with community leadership. Suzanna K. Litwin, HP HelionContinue reading “HP Most Valuable Professional Award”

OpenStack Kilo released: what’s new

I am pleased to announce that the 11th release of OpenStack, codename Kilo, has been released. This release is a  turning point for the open source project with contributions from nearly 1,500 developers and 169 organizations worldwide. What’s new? Nova – Kilo offers new API with v2.1. Microversions will provide reliable, strongly validated API definitionsContinue reading “OpenStack Kilo released: what’s new”

Security beyond firewalls, 1st OpenStack day Italy

The first edition of OpenStack day Italy was an amazing experience, with a perfect agenda that fits both for beginners and advanced users and greatly hosted by my friends at Enter. No doubt that OpenStack has become one of the most famous open source projects after Linux, but what I did not expect was toContinue reading “Security beyond firewalls, 1st OpenStack day Italy”

Cisco interview on Nexus 1000V for OpenStack

In February 2014 I was announcing Nexus 1000V availability for OpenStack at Cisco Live. In that occasion, Cisco interviewed me and featured on this week episode of Engineers Unplugged. Colin Lynch (@UCSGuru) and myself discuss Nexus 1000V running on OpenStack and the options this creates for the network engineer. It’s all about faster deployment andContinue reading “Cisco interview on Nexus 1000V for OpenStack”