Comparing IaaS 10k views and OpenNebula

I am glad to celebrate today more than 10 thousands views of my publication “Comparing IaaS: VMware vs OpenStack vs Google’s Ganeti“. It’s an astonishing result and I can’t thank enough all my readers and fans that have shared it on Twitter and Facebook. One of the frequently asked question was: why not comparing toContinue reading “Comparing IaaS 10k views and OpenNebula”

The 2013 and New Year’s resolutions

It’s time to sit down and think about the past year. This 2013 was definitively one of the busiest of my career, I’ve never traveled so much, mostly across Telcos, ISPs and biggest companies of Germany, UK and Switzerland. But it was as well one of the worse year in security, especially when it comesContinue reading “The 2013 and New Year’s resolutions”

Comparing IaaS: VMware vs OpenStack vs Google’s Ganeti

No matter if you are a lonely system administrator or the CTO of the largest carrier in the World, getting to know what’s out there is a jungle. Is VMware still the lead? I’ve heard about OpenStack, how mature is that? And what this “Ganeti” I’ve never heard of? Well, here I am. Guess what,Continue reading “Comparing IaaS: VMware vs OpenStack vs Google’s Ganeti”