Wrap-up OpenStack Ops in Milan

It was very exciting to for me to see the OpenStack Ops Midcycle in Milan (Italy), which is my hometown. I was also very pleased to see a lot of common faces across the community, and Switzerland was well represented with Switch, ZHAV,  University of Zurich, CSCS … and myself.


I personally followed more the tracks about containers: Kolla is becoming increasingly popular among the consultants to deploy OpenStack in a repeatable way. However, the real advantage of Kolla in my humble opinion is all about upgrades: containers allow to upgrade and roll-back the cluster in short period of time, which is essential when you need to operate a production cloud.

The overall feeling that I shared with my “colleagues” of the community is that OpenStack has definitively improved his stability. I started to work on OpenStack since 2010 with the Diablo release and it was a pain to run it at the beginning. While most of the production clusters are on Liberty or Mitaka release, no one is applying special patches to code, as we used to do at the outset.

There are still issues with the non-core projects or the features that are less used and tested, but I can definitively tell that – if you make appropriate decisions and you stick to the stable components – OpenStack can be safely run in production. We’ll see how it goes with the Ocata release, as Nova introduces cells v2.

I need to thank both Savrerio Proto from Switch and the Enter team for having brought such a fantastic event in Milan.

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