IT Infrastructure Workshop

IT Infrastructure Workshop


IT infrastructures can create the best outcome with the current technologies. By having the right mix of on-premise and cloud, your business can increase efficiency and lower your current spending. Engage with Giuseppe if you wish to:

  • Embrace a cloud or multi-cloud strategy
  • Optimize your existing cloud or multi-cloud adoption
  • Build or redesign your private cloud
  • Embrace an on-premise Software-Defined Storage for your workloads
  • Review your processes and applications through DevOps, automation, containers and Kubernetes
  • Optimize Disaster Recovery or Business Continuity 

What you will get

A discovery call. You will have a short remote free workshop session (30-60 mins) to discuss your environment, your pain points and your overall objectives. I am a trusted advisors and I act on your best interest. We will evaluate all the elements together and, based on my experience, decide with you if it is worth continuing with the next phases.

Remote assessment. To make the best of the on-site session, you will be requested to provide the documents with the current architecture and a list of participants with their roles and e-mail. An anonymous survey will be sent to each participant and will help to clarify better the current situation.

On-Site Session. This is a two-day on-site whiteboarding session with all the participants. We will review the current architecture and pain points. We will define your KPI and goals with with and we will elaborate on possible scenarios based on my experience. We will evaluate together the pros and cons of the solutions and define the next steps with the owners.

High-level architectural document. A few days after the session, you will receive a high-level architectural document, along with all produced materials during the whiteboarding. This will be a self-contained document with all the decisions made and the next steps. With this document, you will be free to choose if you want to proceed with the project and if you wish to have further assistance from Giuseppe or decide to implement the project on your own. I promise you no lock-in, mind that I want to act on your best interest.

Book your free session

Workshops are limited and are on a first come first serve basis, so if you would like to book a complimentary workshop please contact me on

Note: Due to the Covid-19 pandemic, the on-site session might be held on-line.